Procedures That GP Cannot Perform

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Procedures That GP Cannot Perform

29 October 2019 Medical Services 0

In ancient times, people were not able to find a cause or cure for many diseases or disorder. The sever kind of deformations or diseases that also spreads from one person to another were labelled as evil attack and people used to leave the suffering individual in jungle or any other solitary place so that the evil spirit wont spread from him to them. With the passage of time medical professionals started to cut (operate) the body but orthodox people did not like the idea and started to call him as a butcher who cuts human body. However, we are fortunate enough to live in times where science and medicine has progressed so much that there is a cure for almost every possible disease. Moreover, people are now more acknowledged and aware that these are diseases which must be treated by doctors. In this article, we will be discussing about gp (general practitioner) and the procedures that he cannot perform.

GP (general practitioner):

General practitioner or GP in Mosman is the doctor who has completed his five year long course of bachelors in medicine and bachelors in science. Moreover, he has to do the house job as well to get a medical license to start his own medical clinic. General practitioner can do regular checkups and can open his own family clinic where he can provide various basic health related services. General practitioner can diagnose a patient and can tell him the kind of diseases or sickness he is suffering from. Moreover, he prescribes the required medication as well. A general practitioner is well acknowledged with every kind of human body’s disease, disorder or deformation. He can treat the chronic and acute illness but there are some procedures which gp cannot perform so he refers the patient to the best specialist who can operate the patient perfectly.


One of the main thing that general practitioner is unable to do is to perform surgery. He cannot operate nor can do any kind of surgery so the patient is referred to a surgeon. Moreover, there are some diseases which are quite complicated so general practitioner diagnose the patient and advice him to see a specialist. Other than these limitations, general practitioner can perform every kind of medical procedure and can treat any regular disease or illness.


Doctors are known as semi-god because after God only doctors can save a person from dying. This is the reason that doctors, specialists or surgeons are highly respected across the world. General practitioner is the kind of doctor who has done bachelors in medicine and bachelors in science. Moreover, he has completed has completed his house job and has attained his job license. General practitioner can treat chronic and acute illness, can diagnose a patient and can prescribe the required medication. However, gp cannot perform surgery neither can he treat extremely complicated diseases so he refer the patient to the specialist or a surgeon. “Mind your health medical centre” have appointed the best general practitioners (gp). Browse this website to find out more details.

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