How Commercial Windows Are Different From Residential Windows?

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How Commercial Windows Are Different From Residential Windows?

20 January 2020 Business Products & Services 0

With the advancement in construction sciences, everything used in construction has multiple purposes. For example, if the chemistry and physical properties of the material have been enhanced, so that material can provide extra strength or durability to the building. The congestion of area and increase in population, have compelled us to make the building bigger and taller. With an increase in structure size, the risk also increases. This risk can be due to high weight tolerance or external environmental conditions. As the size of building increase, the conventional way of architecture will not apply to it. This is the reason the invocation we have seen in material sciences which have made possible the skyscraper-like Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Not only this material helps to keep the structure strong but they also help in other aspects. For example, the paint which is used nowadays can help to enhance the aesthetics of the balding, but it also helps to keep the temperature of the building lower. Because with the increase in the size of building, the complexity in other associate things also gets increase like energy, air ventilation or luminosity. So now everything which is used in the building are made purpose-built and they are used as per their utility and the function which building has to perform.

The one common example of such things is windows. Nowadays, the windows are designed as per the size and utility of the building. For example, if it\’s a residential building of small size, the owner of the building can choose the simple windows for aesthetics or ventilation purpose, same is the case if they have a standalone home unit. But the same windows have a different purpose in the commercial building. In a commercial building, windows are selected and installed keeping in view many parameters like:

  • Design: The design or structure of commercial windows in Melbourne are selected as per the design of the building. They are not selected on their aesthetic whereas multiple factors like energy efficiency, strength, size etc. There are different categories of building for a certain type of windows can be used. For instance, the low-rise building can use light frame windows but low-rise, medium-size building use larger windows for heavier load requirements. Then mid-size or high-rise building needs extra strength windows for heavy load tolerance. If the windows in a commercial building will be weak, that can cause the structure to get collapse because windows also have shared the load of the building.
  • Energy Efficiency: In a commercial building, the energy efficiency is usually controlled with the help of windows. The size and shade of windows are selected that can provide ample light and the windows are used with a thermal barrier to resist the heat. This help to keep the consumption of electricity low in the building while maintaining an adequate temperature for working.
  • Cost. You will find the huge difference between the cost of commercial and residential windows. As commercial windows are graded as per structure strength and the building will not get authorise approval with those windows. Whereas the residential windows are used for aesthetics and are of the light frame. So, there will be a wide gap between the cost of both. Go right here to find out more details.