Having kids is a joy. Even if you may find them really troublesome and cheeky at times, it is easier than fretting without having them. Unless you have decided not to have any, out of your own thinking, once you find the right partner, next logical step would be to have some little versions of yourself running around the house.

Talk to them

Understanding your kids is not that difficult. They are simply smaller versions of you. However, as Khalil Gibran said, “They come through you but not from you, and though they are with you yet they belong not to you” so you can’t make them do everything you failed to. This is something we see commonly; some parents push their kids to play basketball or attend ballet classes. The kid may not like it. After all, this is the 21st century and there is no way you can make them concentrate on interests of the by gone era, just because you missed doing it. You need to grasp the fact that they have their own consciousness, likes and dislikes etc. They will be happier to see a gift certificate to perfect learn to drive than a book in this day and time. 

Show love

In this day and age, where each person is in their own world, it is difficult to build a proper relationship. Even within a family, parents are busy with their work and kids are abandoned. Not that they plan or do that in purposefully but most of the time, work and career comes before the kids. But, even if they don’t show it, every kid needs love. No matter how old we are, we all need love. It is not blind love also, where you simply buy whatever they want and not talk to them for a month. You need to talk to them, understand them and when buying gifts, get them things they truly like and adore. You may also have to explain to them when something is not suitable for them; be it a gift or a hobby.

You also need to mature

Another thing you have to remember is that, you as parents also need to mature with the kids. Try to look at the current scenarios and understand how things are playing out for them. Some parents assume everything is ok when kids may be going through bullying and uncomfortable situations at school or with friends. This is why communication is important; simply ignoring everything like you used to do when you were a youngster won’t work. You also have to identify their needs when they reach certain ages. If they are old enough to drive, give them driving lessons Parramatta and teach them to work and earn in order to buy their own vehicle. You can teach them the value of things if they earn it themselves, than by you giving it to them. Try to keep communication alive. Not only with kids, but also with anyone such as your partner or colleagues it is the means to a successful end.