Future Career Pathways For High School Leavers

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Future Career Pathways For High School Leavers

5 July 2019 Education & Learning 0

There are various options available for school leavers who are willing to widen their horizons by entering the career paths. It is first important to identify what you want to do and what area you are more passionate about. Explore the different pathways and make a list of things you are interested in. you can then build a career plan to your life. Here are few options you can follow which best interests you.

Tourism Industry

If you are interested in hotels, promoting the natural beauty of a country or even in hospitality management, then this is for you. To expand your knowledge on this area, it is mandatory to follow travel and tourism diploma courses, so you are well aware of the industry basics to go up the ladder. It is not an easy pathway to become a professional soon but if you receive the expertise skills, then there is a promising journey ahead.

Fashion Designing

The glamour and the elegance of the industry charm people. Yet the hard work, commitment and relentless effort in designing flawless designs is the advice behind all the successes. Its important to identify the direct you want to head in this field and build the foundation to it from scratch. Joining few fashion schools will help in getting the exposure and develop the skills needed to display all the talents on the platform. if you are a creative personality, then this is a field you should try out.

Event Management

If you always had the organizational skills and multi-tasking in pulling off an event together, then event management field the industry to show your skills and expertise. Its all about building your competitive advantage in the field to make you and your services unique. There is a competitive market yet with the exposure through different courses and HND programs., you can establish yourself as a great event manager. Always keep updating yourself with the new trends and keep improving.


There are several options in freelancing where you can be a writer, graphic designer, blogger, video editor or even a Youtuber online. This cuts out the 9 to 5 rush and helps you engage in work with a free mind to produce your best. You have the chance to create your own brand. Most youtubers have established well in travelling. You can take up a travel and tourism diploma in Bill Healy Travel Pty Ltd to learn about this more deeply and kick start as a youtuber in a preferred field. It’s all up to you. Take some time out and think well about what option will take the best use of your expertise and will help you dive through your passions.