Effective Methods On How You Can Protect And Improve Your Smile

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Effective Methods On How You Can Protect And Improve Your Smile

17 June 2019 Dental Care 0

Whether you have an orthodontic treatment or not, it is essential that you protect your smile. Even if you have healthy dental hygiene, you can experience accidental injury in the future. Without proper protection, the trauma to gums, teeth, or jaw can be painful. It can cost you some money to fix the injury. Thus, here are some effective methods on how you can protect and improve your smile now: 


Today, both children and adults result in using braces to have a great smile. Due to the advances in the field of orthodontics, you can have options other than the metal braces. You can use the invisible braces or better invisalign, aligners, or plastic brackets to help straighten your crowded or crooked teeth.


Are you not happy with how your teeth look like? Bonding may be the best solution for you. This procedure can help you restore your teeth’s natural look. This is a process wherein the dentist will attach or bond the material at your tooth directly. Your dentin and enamel are bonded together with materials like resin and porcelain to make a sturdy structure that looks great too!


Dental implants are an effective and popular way to replace your missing teeth. This is placed surgically in the lower or upper jaw which functions as a teeth replacement. It is designed to hold the crowns and bridges which will blend with other teeth. The implants are made of titanium which can be a long term option to restore your bright smile.


Crowns are considered as an effective way to cover the teeth which have been badly shaped or discolored. Crowns can improve the tooth’s appearance and make it stronger. Moreover, it can be used to protect a weak tooth that is about to break, attach to bridges, or restore a tooth which has already been broken.


Veneers are thin shells which are crafted similar to the tooth colors. It is designed to cover the front teeth side. In this process, the dentist will have to remove a small enamel from the tooth to give way for the shell. Veneers Chatswood will look like your natural teeth, based on the mouth’s model.


When it comes to having a bright and white smile, there are various teeth-whitening products to choose from. You can try the at-home or in-office bleaching. See to it that the product you’ll use contains the ADA Seal of Acceptance. However, before you try any teeth-whitening options, make sure that you speak with your dentist first. Your dentist will give you advice on what type of whitening product will work effectively for you.