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Jon Stewart, I swear to god…

I especially love that they’re dubbing this Rally to Restore Sanity, the Million Moderate March.  My friends and I have discussed it at Brunch, and I just don’t think I can miss this one. There’s some interesting side-eye commentary from the left. However, I don’t completely agree with Greenwald’s conclusion here. The likelihood that I’ll crown Stewart leader of the ‘moderate movement’ is insulting to rational, discerning adults. But I also didn’t feel comfortable with Stewart equalizing criticism of the Bush Administration’s policies of torture and Iraq invasion with the batshit crazy conservative movement response to Obama’s very existence. Yet, I also see that this is why I’m the target demographic for this ‘rally’. And if I want to abandon this cause, I’ve got options.

Other items of interest:

  • Team PostBourgie are about as thoughtful and circumspect as they come. This week’s episode centers around fallout of DC mayor’s race and Inez Sainz accusations of sexual harassment.
  • You may have missed this gem of episode from Everynone as featured NYC’s Radiolab:


  • I can’t stop listening to these gorgeous tracks (here, note the lovely video made by the YouTube user, and here) by Cinematic Orchestra featuring Patrick Watson.